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Blinds & Shades

Ultra Sonic Cleaning
by Altmans

Improve the Air Quality in your home by regular professional window treatment care

    Blinds, Shades and Other window treatments act as dust magnets. Because of the way they are made, they present many challenges for regular scheduled cleaning making them the most common accumulator of dust & allergens in the home.

    Altmans uses the most technolgy advance method of cleaning Blinds and Shades - Ultra Sonics. Ultra Sonics uses sound waves to dislodge all foreign particles. Our Service includes the take down and rehanging of your window treatments.
    Altmans cleans -  Wood and Faux Wood Blinds, Luminettes, Pleated Shades, Honey Comb Shades, Cellular Shades, Verticals, Silhouettes, and  Aluminum and PVC Blinds.

The Altmans Way

Altmans uses the most Advanced Technology on the market today to clean your blinds - The Morantz Ultra Sonics System. 

Ultra Sonics uses the the process of Cavitation Bubbles to clean every part of your window treatment. The sound waves generated by our system creates microscopic bubbles that attach to every surface and then burst to thoroughly remove all contaminants. The same process is used to clean medical instruments, industrial parts, electronics, ceramics and even Golf Clubs!

Our service starts with an in home inspection and removal of your window treatments. Some types of blinds can be done same day but any fabric requires a minimum of 24 hours drying time. Temporary Window Shades are available if requested.

Once we get them back to our shop we again inspect and pre treat any problem items and then it's on to the sonic process. Again heat plays a factor in the cleaning process and the Sonic Machine keeps the water at a constant temperature Between 95 and 120 degress depending on the item being cleaned.

After the window treatments are cleaned they are hung and dried with a combination of forced air and dehumidifiers.

After your Window Treatments are completely dry we then will take them back to your home and reinstall them.

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