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Carpets & Upholstery



    Most manufactures recommend cleaning your carpets every 1-2 years depending on usage, size of family and number of pets in your home. 
    In most homes, carpets take more abuse than any other surface. Daily wear and tear grind contaminants down into the fibers requiring professional care to thoroughly clean. During daily use, soil, pollen and sand act as sand paper grinding against the fibers of your carpet significantly shortening its lifespan. 
    In addition, airborne contaminants such as dust and pollen settle down into the fibers where regular household vacuums cannot get them out. 
    Regular professional carpet cleaning should be part of every homes regular maintenace and will not only extend the lifespan of your carpets but also will improve the air quality, keeping your home healthy, clean and safe.

            The Altmans Way 

    Altmans uses the method for Carpet Cleaning that is recommended by the carpet manufactures - Hot Water Extraction.  Hot Water Extraction uses a combination of Heat and Pressure to dislodge deep ground in contaminants embedded in the fibers of your carpets. If done properly, Hot Water Extraction is hands down the best method for removing particles and contaminants from carpets and is the most widely recommended process by carpet manufactures for maintaining synthetic carpets.

    The Altmans way starts with your techinicians showing up on time for your scheduled appointment. We start by reviewing the job with you, making sure we review any issues and spots.
    Altmans uses the I.I.C.R.C. TACT approach to carpet cleaning. TACT stands for Temperature, Agitation, Chemical, & Time.

    Temperature is a critical component in cleaning your carpets. Depending on the type of fibers in your carpets, we maintain a constant temperature between 170 and 220 degrees. Maintaining the right temperature serves  3 critical functions. Higher Tempature opens up the fibers in your carpets which allows more of the ground in containments to be released during the extraction process. The higher temperatures are required for optimal chemical performance. The high temperatures also helps sterilize your carpets and kill germs and other organisms living in your carpets.

    Agitation starts during our pre treatment stage. Altmans uses pretreatment instead of in-line chemical dispersement, so we can allow the chemicals the extra time needed properly work. While we are pretreating, we use grooming rakes to agitate high traffic and problem areas. 

    The second stage of agitation is during the Wand Stroking Process. This is where we inject pressurized water directly into the fibers and then extract the water and dirt out of you carpets. We carefully control the pressure to ensure we use enough pressure to dislodge deep ground in soil but, not so much as to soak the backing. Over pressurization during this process can dramatically extend the dry time for your carpets. We use a minimum of 3 strokes repeating over the same area to make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned. Heavily soiled and high traffic areas may require more agitation.

    Altmans uses a variety of chemicals based on the type of fiber in your carpets and the level of soiling. The pretreatment method also allows us to use only Fresh Water Rinsing during the cleaning process. Fresh Water Rinsing allows the removal of all the chemical residue from your carpets along with all the dirt and other containments. Fresh Water rinsing also helps prevent resoiling from left over chemical residue.

    Time is the last component in the TACT Process. Proper cleaning takes time. Atlmans prides itself on doing a quality job everytime. Wether it's taking the extra step of pretreating instead of just using in line dispersement, taking extra strokes with the wand, maintain the proper pressure and temperature or using grooming rakes at the end of the job, our service technicians make sure they are living up to the Altmans Values....Providing a Quality Job at a Fair Price.

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