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Altmans Unique Dry Cleaning Process Can Clean Almost any Fabric 

    Protect your investment by Improving the durability and Appearance of Your Draperies by removing all foreign particles.

    Draperies act as a net capturing dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants & allergens, significantly impacting the air quality of your home. Draperies also retain old food smells.

    Rental Homes and Other Heavy use areas should clean the draperies every 1-2 years. Residential homes should be every 2-3 years.

The Altmans Way

Altmans has a unique non Immersion Dry Cleaning system that allows us to clean Dry Clean Draperies and other delicate items.

Unlike other dry cleaners in the Low Country Altmans' process is a unique combination of Dry Cleaning Liquids and Encapsulation Power. Other dry cleaners use a full emersion process in dry cleaning solution that can damage the seams and backing on most draperies.

We offer in home removal and re-installation. We we show up on time for our appointment, our technicians will inspect the draperies for any problem issues. Fading and some organic stains will not be removed during the cleaning process.

You also can drop them off at our shop before 11am for same day turn around.

Don't forget - always leave the pins in!

The process starts by putting the draperies through a blowing cycle which removes most of the foreign particles. During the next cycle cleaning solution and encapsulating powder are added. The powder is super fine and gets blown through the fabrics encasing and removing any stubborn particles.

After each panel is cleaned, the hooks are reinstalled and the draperies are hung on our special Drapery Rack. Just before we return them we bag and hang on hangers for safe transportation back to your home for reinstallation.

Most jobs can be handled same day or next day.

We also can clean your Comforters, Duvets & Throws

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