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Oriental Rugs

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    Altmans Specializes in Cleaning and Maintaining your Oriental Rugs. We clean all oriental rugs in our climate controlled enviroment in our shop at 110 arrow road. We offer both in home pick up and reinstall or drop off service at our shop. 

    Most Oriental are made from natural fibers (cotton, wool, & silk) that require a more controlled enviroment to propery clean and dry. We also clean Dhurries, Kilim, Crocheted, & Clair Murry's. 

    Oriental rugs in general get less traffic than most carpets and are recommended to be cleaned every 2-3 years. However when used as runners, in the entrance way and other high traffic areas, they should be cleaned every 1-2 years.

In Home Pick Up Available! 

    The Altmans Way

    Natural fibers have a tendency to hold more particles than synthetic fibers and require extra steps to properly clean. Altmans take the same IICRC T.A.C.T. approach to cleaning most natural fibers. T.A.C.T. stands for - Temperature, Agitation, Chemicals & Time.  Some fibers, like silk, require a specialized approach (like low moisture) to clean.

    Our first step is to review the carpet. If you know of any issues or stains it's important that you tell us about the when we pick up or you drop off. 

    Once our review is done, we vacuum both the front and the back of the rug with a commercial strength vacuum. This starts off our agitation process.  Next we use specially formulated natural fiber shampoos applied with an rotary shampoo machine. The shampoo is designed to capture ground in particles and raise them to the surface and the rotary shampoo machine provides extra agitation.

    Temperature is just as critical, but for different reasons. Altmans uses a lower heat setting  (around 140 degrees for most fibers) and pressure on the fresh water rinse because of color bleeding issues. 

    The chemicals we use are designed specifically for the fiber that the carpet is made of and for maximum performance at lower temperatures.  We also have some additional specialize chemicals we use to prevent and remove browning of the fringe and odor neutralization.

    Time is a critical factor in cleaning your Oriental Rugs. The last step is just as critical in the long term appearance and durability as the preparation and cleaning. All natural fiber rugs need to dry in our specialized climate controled work space with forced air circulation for at least 48 hours. This allows the fibers to fully dry before being reinstalled. Unless the rugs are thoroughly dried, resoiling will occur.

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